The Bedtime Trader Spreadsheet

Dear fellow Bedtime Trader

If you are not yet a Bedtime Trader get a copy of the manual here.

My name is Jonathan Breuer. My day job is a computer programmer. I am a very happy Bedtime Trader customer.

Thank you Janet and Kevin for sharing the Bedtime Trader strategy. I have bought systems like this in the past but after a short while they have all ended up forgotten on the shelf. I don’t get past the testing stage. You know, the stage where you have to find the time and energy to do all the work but don’t make any money.

Due to restrictions like trading at specific times of the day, having to check in on the trade during the day or do something time-consuming or complicated, I find I cannot keep up with the commitments as well as earning a living in the conventional manner.

The Bedtime Trader on the other hand is different. Most of the markets are closed late at night. If I am not available at 11pm I can find the time to check and do the trades well into the wee hours of the morning.

Once you know the system, most of the checks are carried out with a quick glance. Getting to know the system can be a little more complicated but thanks to the Bedtime Trader Spreadsheet I developed, it is a breeze.

I might be new to Forex trading but I am not new to computer programming.

The Bedtime Trader is primarily a visual reversal signal system. On the other hand, the primary methodology used to teach the system involves calculations. Sometimes the numbers are as long as five digits. Subtracting one number from another and comparing that to 25%, 70% or 75% of another number.

In comparison to other forex systems, the Bedtime Trader might be simple; but considering that these calculations must be carried out at bedtime, there must be an easier way.

There is indeed an easier way. Provided you have read through and understood the manual and FAQ page, you can count on my spreadsheet to do most of the legwork for you.

Take a look at the youtube videos and see how easy it is to trade the Bedtime Trader in conjunction with the spreadsheet.

I am excited about the Bedtime Trader and my motto is to make the Bedtime Trader as easy as it can get. To this end I am working on an Expert Advisor to carry out the preliminary checks. A spreadsheet will still be necessary to keep log of your trades.

The main benefit to the pro is that the Bedtime Trader Spreadsheet eliminates the (sleepy) human errors of misreading and miss-typing numbers.

The benefit to the newbie is immeasurable. There are a number of error checks built into the spreadsheet to save the newbie from typical newbie errors. Newbies are unfamiliar with the calculations so they take a lot longer to perform. Newbies have to test a large number of candles that pros dismiss upon sight. The uncertainty that newbies go through (Am I doing it right? Will it work for me? Will I botch it up and lose money? Etc.) are frustrating and agonising. The longer it takes, the worse it gets.

The Bedtime Trader Spreadsheet is the answer. If you can Copy and Paste you can do it. It takes seconds, even for the newbie!

You will soon get to know how the correct reversal signals look like and you will be able to choose trades even when Dojies don’t pass all the checks. In the mean time, stick to Kevin’s advice: better to risk loosing out on an opportunity than risk loosing money.

You can purchase the spreadsheet now and receive all future versions of the spreadsheet FREE.

When I release the Bedtime Trader Expert Advisor (a program that runs within the Metatrader platform, thereby increasing efficiency), any money you spend on the spreadsheet will count towards the payment for the expert advisor.


P. S. This spreadsheet can make the difference between actually using the Bedtime Trader strategy and breaking free from your day job; or subconsciously developing a resistance to finding the time, energy and motivation to doing the Bedtime Trader strategy!

P.P.S. The spreadsheet contains instructions but it assumes you have read the Bedtime Trader manual and set up your charts.

P.P.P.S. The spreadsheet is an xls file but will work fine in Open Office if you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer.